Two arrested over alleged child sex abuse

A woman from Adelaide’s north eastern suburbs has been charged with allegedly sexually abusing her own daughter.

The woman, who detectives arrested on Tuesday, is facing 10 charges including rape and producing child pornography.

Her 36-year-old partner was arrested this morning on the same offences.

Police say they tracked the pair after finding images of them and the girl stored on a computer.

The alleged victim and her siblings are now being cared for by another relative.

Detective Superintendent Damian Powell from the Sexual Crime Investigation Branch issued a warning for anyone involved with child pornography.

“Be aware - police have the sophisticated technology to track you down. You can no longer hide behind the murky digital curtain for protection," he said.

"People have to realise that to stop the sexual abuse of children for the purposes of child pornography, we must stop the demand for this material.

"Each time a file is shared it denigrates that child and re-victimises them – it leaves a digital footprint forever.”

Police say there could be more charges laid against the couple.

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