Burger Urge ad 'loathsome, sick, wrong and perverted'

A Brisbane burger company's advertising campaign has been accused of promoting bestiality.

Burger Urge ad 'promotes bestiality'

Burger Urge ad 'promotes bestiality'

The Burger Urge ad, which shows a woman licking a cow, was described in the complaint as loathsome, sick, wrong and perverted, according to News Limited.

Australian Christian Lobby group did not officially register a complaint, but state director Wendy Francis said people should be spared the image of "a woman making love to a cow". (Correction: Despite previous reports, the ACL has confirmed to Yahoo7 News that they have not lodged an official complaint.)

"It's definitely a sexual sort of image. It says 'get intimate' so we're not talking about a pet thing. The cow is dressed up as a man," she said.

Burger Urge owner Sean Carthew says it is an over-reaction, and believes an overwhelming majority of people saw what Burger Urge was trying to do and did not have a problem with the campaign.

Ironically, Mr Carthew's mum received an email from Ms Francis, attacking the advertisement.

"Mum's quite religious and she doesn't have any problem with the image of the cow and the girl," he said.

"We do think quite carefully about our promotions. We don't want to cause any damage or do any harm, we just want to have a bit of fun."

Ms Francis, who also rallied against Burger Urge's condom mail promotion said it had the potential of catching out children who like to check the letterbox.

"I'm not asking for a nanny state. I'm just asking would somebody please make it so that our children are allowed to have their childhood," she said.

However Mr Carthew said the arrival of a condom in the mail would have no impact on the future behaviour of children.

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