Claims Meagher accused has 'VIP' help

There is outrage in Victoria this morning, following revelations the man accused of killing Melbourne woman Jill Meagher is receiving special 'VIP' treatment.

News Ltd reports accused rapist and murderer Adrian Bayley has been represented by both a barrister and solicitor.

His legal team is funded by taxpayers and comes as other accused criminals have their legal aid cut.

Picture Gallery: Melbourne mourns Jill Meagher

Legal sources told News Ltd Adrian Bayley is receiving priority treatment, with one source describing it as 'Rolls Royce' treatment.

A Victorian Legal Aid (VLA) spokesperson said it would not comment on individual grants, insisting each case is decided on its own merit.

"All people who receive legal aid undergo the same rigorous process of assessment for funding of their case," the spokesperson told News Ltd.

"The level of service is based on a number of factors including the seriousness of the charge, the complexity of the case and whether they have special needs - for example being a child, having a mental illness, an intellectual disability or an acquired brain injury."

Accused: Adrian Bayley