Discount fuel promotion causes traffic chaos

A discount fuel promotion has thrown traffic into chaos at North Adelaide this evening.

Discount fuel promotion causes traffic chaos

Discount fuel promotion causes traffic chaos

Triple Eight Racing offered heavily discounted unleaded fuel at just 88.8 cents a litre at the O’Connell St Caltex for just 30 minutes, but it attracted a huge response.

Cars lined up early to get a slice of the deal, but it caused headaches for everyone else trying to get through North Adelaide.

The super saving on fuel will be a welcome relief for those that managed to get to the pumps, with prices around Adelaide leaping by about 20 cents today, and now verging on $1.60 per litre.

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) says the global market is to blame for skyrocketing prices.

“That price rise has been caused not only by a 12-cent wholesale price increase in the last month, but also the extra fuel cycle that we typically see,” said Chris West from the RAA.

For the past week, Adelaide service stations have been selling fuel at or below the wholesale price, but the RAA says that is unsustainable and prices had to rise eventually.

While some fuel outlets around town were holding onto lower prices on Wednesday night, the RAA is expecting them to pass on the price hike by Thursday.

But Mr West is expecting retailers to bring prices back down a little bit by the end of the week, to just over $1.50 a litre.

“$1.60 is a psychological barrier for motorists, they will avoid that price,” he said.