Kids rescued from stranded bus

Students from a Brisbane school have been rescued from a stranded bus, after the driver was attempting to avoid flooded roads.

Kids rescued from stranded bus

Kids rescued from stranded bus

The school mini bus reportedly tracked its way through one set of flooded waters before attempting to turn around to avoid more heavy flowing waters.

The bus driver then got stuck on a traffic island, before rescue crews were summoned to escort the school students to safety.

The Brisbane Christian College kids were taken from the bus by Queensland Fire and Rescue as well as Swift Water Rescue in an inflatable raft.

Students were escorted from flooded roads by rescue crews.

The 16 children all reportedly escaped injuries.

Queensland Fire and Rescue took to Twitter moments after the rescue to congratulate their teams.

"Good work 2 QFRS Swiftwater teams that helped rescue 16 children on a bus caught between 2 flooded areas," the tweet read.