Sam Stynes leading the fight against Melanoma

Almost a year after the death of Melbourne legend Jim Stynes, his widow Sam is honouring his memory by leading the fight against melanoma.

Sam Stynes leading the fight against Melanoma

Sam Stynes leading the fight against Melanoma

46-year-old football legend Jim Stynes died in 2012 from an aggressive melanoma that spread to his brain after being diagnosed three years earlier.

1800 Australians die every year from skin cancer, with melanoma being the most common form amongst Australians between 15 and 44.

But Sam’s mission is to spread the word that melanoma is preventable.

"If it is still only skin deep, they can take it out, and it hasn’t gone into your bloodstream, hasn’t metastasized the recovery, results are fantastic," she said.

In order to raise awareness of melanoma, Sam will lead a march of thousands next Sunday from St Kilda's Catani Gardens, followed by a concert and remembrance service for all melanoma victims.

One year on and Sam’s life has changed significantly since the death of her husband, but she says his presence is still very real.

"Yeah I feel him all the time, of course."

"We are doing really well. One step, one foot in front of the other and trying to move forward."

For information on about the March against Melanoma:

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