Kevin Rudd: Man of steel

Kevin Rudd is a lot of things; a former Prime Minister, a diplomat, a humble back bencher, and even a 'psychopath', according to one of his colleagues.

One thing Kevin Rudd is not, is a man of steel, as this video shows.

Uploaded to his personal YouTube account under the headline 'Total Failure', the video shows the former PM attempting a few chin-ups, but even with a little assistance from a much fitter man, Mr Rudd never really gets off the ground.

As one YouTube commenter points out, "He can carry the weight of a nation, but cannot carry his own body weight".

The member for Griffith has been out and about in recent weeks, criticising Prime Minister Julia Gillard's mining tax, re-appearing on Sunrise and touring with local MPs.

Despite his insistence he has no plans to challenge, many within the Labor caucus see Mr Rudd's busy media schedule as a sign he wants the top job back.

Despite Joe Hockey's barbs on Sunrise this morning, Mr Rudd wouldn’t take the bait when it came to the leadership, and his Ruddmentum.

Watch the Big Guns of politics below.

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