Shock home video shows baby driving

A disturbing home video showing a Melbourne toddler behind the wheel of a car on a suburban street has sparked outrage from police.

Shock home video shows baby driving

Shock home video shows baby driving

The short clip, purportedly filmed in Melbourne, was posted on video sharing website, YouTube.

It shows a man driving a vehicle, thought to be a Mercedes Benz, in a suburban street with an unrestrained child perched on his lap, playing with the wheel.

At times, the driver takes his hands off the wheel, giving the child full control of the vehicle.

Police slammed the 'dangerous' actions of the driver, saying 'it is just absolute stupidity'.

Outrage over baby behind the wheel. Screen-grab: YouTube

Acting Inspector Tim O'Connor, Brimbank local area commander, said the driver has risked the child's life and put others in danger.

"I can't work out why someone would do such a thing," he said. "It's dangerous for the people concerned, the child sitting in the driver's seat.

"It appears there was no seatbelt on the child. If the car had of been involved in an accident, there's a good chance the air bag would have gone off, which could have caused very serious injuries to the child concerned."

If caught, the driver could be facing a charge of 'conduct endangering persons', which carries a maximum five-year prison-term.

Investigating police say they will review the home video, which has since been removed from YouTube.