You're dumped - Valentine's Day humiliation

One broken-hearted man has had a Valentine’s Day he will never forget after being publicly dumped on a petrol station forecourt - via a digital billboard.

You're dumped - Valentine's Day humiliation

The advert: Pic:

It appears that 'Laura' took out the advert on this Amscreen digital billboard because it is where her ex-partner Dan grabs his lunch everyday, reports the Sun.

The sign, which was snapped by passerby Jordan Wilson and posted on Twitter, reads: “I’m leaving you for Gary. Your clothes are at your mum’s. I’ve change the locks.

“Sorry to do this on Valentine’s Day. Laura.”

The advertising board normally plugs products for sale in the petrol station but can be rented out for $150 a month.

It is reported that the advert was taken out last week on the proviso it was displayed on Valentines Day.

It is not yet know if the advert is genuine or a hoax but Lord Alan Sugar, chairman of Amshold Group and star of the British version of The Apprentice, tweeted: “Have a look at the advert someone took out on one of our screens today… Poor bloke!”, suggesting it is not a publicity stunt.

Mr Wilson, who snapped the picture, told The Sun: “This has to be the meanest dump ever.

“Not such a great Valentine’s day for the man in question here.

“To get dumped is bad enough, but the humiliation of seeing it displayed at your local petrol station is just one step too far.”

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