Driver trapped in speeding car at 200km/h

A driver has endured a terrifying ordeal when he was trapped in a speeding car travelling at 200km/h after his brakes failed and accelerator jammed.

Frank Lecerf, of Abbeville in northern France, was heading out to do his weekly shopping, when he pulled out on to a freeway, reports the Guardian.

However his car first jammed at around 90 km/h and then at 200km/h. Every time he tried to brake the car simply accelerated.

As he sped down the freeway in the fast lane, other cars were frantically swerving out of the way.

He finally managed to contact emergency services and police escorted Mr Lecerf for 200 kilometres and across the Belgian border before his car finally ran out of petrol and he swerved into a ditch.

“My life flashed before me," Mr Lecerf told Le Courrier picard. "I just wanted it to stop."

A Renault technician had been on the phone with the police during the ordeal but Mr Lecerf has indicated he will take legal action.