Ghost boat set to be removed

A lifeboat which drifted halfway across the world and washed up on a South Australian beach has almost finished its journey.

Ghost boat set to be removed

Ghost boat set to be removed

The Norwegian insurer of the vessel has awarded salvage rights to a local Kingston man.

After coming adrift from a sinking cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011, the lifeboat drifted across the ocean before it was discovered by a fisherman last week, resting on a beach near Salt Creek in the Coorong.

Officers from Biosecurity SA will inspect the boat one last time on Friday before it is moved on Saturday.

“It will be removed by a trailer and truck and a bit of earthmoving equipment to lift it on there,” said Joe Rositano from the Transport Department.

While several groups had shown interest in using the vessel as a tourist attraction, it’s final resting place will be next to the lighthouse in Kingston South East.