Missing boatie's body found

Police have found the body of Steven Antuch following a boating accident in Sydney's south.

Missing boatie's body found

Missing boatie's body found

A desperate search started late yesterday afternoon after the boat Mr Antuch was travelling in crashed on the Georges River at Revesby.

The 28-year-old was one of two men thrown from the water before their speedboat capsized.

His body was pulled from the water just before 11:30am this morning.

Witnesses have told police the vessel was traveling at speed when wind came up underneath and flipped the boat in the air.

Officers believe that the boat may have snapped in half.

It’s tragic news for Mr Antuch’s family and friends, which include a vast network of acquaintances within the boating community.

Steven Antuck is an Australian speedboat champion. He’s the current record holder in the Bridge to Bridge, a famous race in northern New South Wales.

Yesterday he was testing out a boat on the Georges River, which doesn’t have a speed limit.

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