Concerns over CSG project delay

AGL has suspended plans for coal seam gas mining in western Sydney, but community groups say it's a hallow victory.

Concerns over CSG project delay

Concerns over CSG project delay

They fear it's just a delay in response to the public backlash, after 7News revealed the company's plans for a Campbelltown gas field.

For those who've fought against it, news of AGL informing the stock market it would "suspend" its application to drill for gas, sounded like a triumph.

But activists like Jacqui Kirkby from the Scenic Hills Association are cynical, and say they're disappointed.

This comes on the final day of public submissions.

"They're buying more time to come back and have another go, and that's not fair to the community," Ms Kirkby said.

"It wouldn't surprise me at all if this pause lasts until after the federal election then we have to go through all this again."

The Greens have labeled the move as a ‘cynical PR stunt’.

"[They are] desperate to get their contentious development out of the spotlight of an election campaign," New South Wales Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said.

AGL says it has heard the voice of the community, and no wonder; the wells will be up in the hills, and will run under the homes of more than 150,000 people.

Concerned residents have written to their local federal Labor MP Laurie Ferguson.

"I'd hope it's total backdown, I really do, but whose to say corporate manipulation, whose to say another agenda," the member for Werriwa said.

The Premier has declined to say if he'd push for a final outcome before the election.

"I'm determined to try and get some resolution on this, but I've got to see what this means," Barry O'Farrell said.

AGL declined to appear on camera.