Baby Oliver just short of record weight

A baby born in Rockhampton has almost taken the crown of Australia’s heaviest birth at a whopping 6.7 kilograms.

Baby Oliver just short of record weight

Baby Oliver just short of record weight

While baby Oliver has claimed the record of Queensland’s heaviest birth, he has fallen just 90 grams short of claiming the Australian record – weighing in at well over 14 pounds in the old scale.

His mother Patricia Stock said she had been told he would be between 10 and 11 pounds, so his size came as a shock.

“He is definitely a big bruiser,” Ms Stock laughed.

But she says there were some warning signs during the pregnancy, saying that he was "just really uncomfortable.”

“Everyone staring at you when you go out just thinking you’re going to drop this baby right now."

The big moment came on Monday, via caesarean section – thankfully.

Oliver certainly stands out in the nursery at almost double the size of most babies, according to hospital staff.

He is too big for the nappies and clothes his parents had bought before his arrival, and already has quite the appetite.

“I think he came out and said ‘I’ll have ham and eggs thanks’, but he’s feeding well, wants a lot, and mum’s feeding him beautifully,” midwife Amanda Kershaw said.

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