Monorail suggested as traffic solution

A radical plan has been hatched to ease the squeeze of traffic through the Adelaide Hills – a monorail along the South Eastern Freeway.

A monorail in action in Sydney.

A monorail in action in Sydney.

The Mt Barker mayor is leading the charge after thousands of commuters suffered another morning of peak hour delays after a crash on the downtrack this morning.

A trailer being towed by a four-wheel-drive fishtailed, broke off, and rolled, spreading debris all over the road, right before the Heyson Tunnels.

It was the second morning running of peak hour bedlam on the freeway, with traffic today banked right up to Hahndorf.

The freeway was cleared and reopened three hours later, but Mt Barker residents fear the traffic problems are only going to get worse with more developments in the Hills.

Mayor Ann Ferguson has a possible solution.

“The monorail would be on top of the freeway, it would just slip down,” she said.

“… in Sydney, where you see seen the monorail there and how it just moves around that city, moves people around that city, that would be an absolutely fantastic solution, but a very expensive one.”

The Transport Department says no plans are in the pipeline for a monorail.

But the idea is gaining momentum on the streets.

“I think it would be good to have some alternative way of getting around, especially on the freeway,” a Hills resident told 7News.

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