Hunt continues for cleaver-wielding bandit

FIRST ON 7 | Sydney police are appealing for help to catch a meat cleaver-wielding bandit, who they fear will attack again.

Seven News has obtained exclusive footage of the robbery, which targeted staff and customers at a restaurant in western Sydney.

Footage shows the man threatening workers with a meat cleaver at Northmead's Blue Dragon restaurant as he herds them out the back.

Some customers cowered, as others stood still or made a run for the exit.

The thug waved his weapon at the Sydney waiter and ordered him to hand over Monday night's takings.

The vision shows how the man is clearly distressed as he empties the till.

The thief remained calm, as he started to empty restaurant owner Bill Ng's jacket of its belongings.

"It's dreadful, you know. All of a sudden, the people came in with a big knife and ask you for the money and you don't know what you should do," Ng said.

The robber then targeted the customers, going from table to table stealing their wallets.

He even fleeced an elderly couple who had been hiding under their table.

"They were petrified. Just the shock, horror and fear in their faces - it was just unbelievable," witness David Hanna said.

The bandit strolled out of the Blue Dragon only $100 richer - hardly worth the maximum 25 years jail hanging over his head if someone recognises him.

"The concern of the police is the casualness and the amount of people in the restaurant at the time of the offence," Acting Inspector Mick Allen said.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers number on 1800 333 000.