Teen not target of fire attack, family says

Relatives of a teenager badly burned after being doused in liquid and set on fire believe he was not the intended target.

Teen not target of fire attack, family says

Teen not target of fire attack, family says

Luke Coburn, 17, is in the Royal Adelaide Hospital with burns to almost a third of his body after the attack on Sunday night at Munno Para West.

Police say two men walked into the garage of Luke’s parents’ Munno Para West home, where he and a friend were sitting, at about 11.30pm.

One threw flammable liquid on him and the other set him alight.

“When I saw Luke at the hospital, he was still talking,” his sister Donna Ray told 7News.

“It’s an image I’ll never forget.”

His family suspects the attackers were actually targeting someone else.

“His skin was just falling off, why… why would you do that to him?” Ms Ray told 7News.

“I don’t personally believe it was for Luke.

“I believe it was probably for one of his mates or something, I don’t know, Luke is too liked to have this happen to him.”

Luke is now out of his induced coma and off the ventilator, but he is still in a serious condition.

His family is also taking comfort in public support posted to a Facebook page, Get better soon Luke Coburn.

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