Driver dies in fiery car smash

Police believe a man who died after the car he was driving crashed into a stobie pole may have been distracted after dropping a cigarette.

Driver dies in fiery car smash

Driver dies in fiery car smash

The man had been earlier spotted doing burnouts, but police say a second’s inattention likely cost him his life.

The car smashed into a stobie pole on Moorhouse Rd at Port Adelaide at about 1am, and while police tried their best to pull the driver from the wreckage, they were unsuccessful.

“It appears the driver may have dropped a cigarette or cigarette lighter into his lap – been distracted by that,” Superintendent Bob Fauser said.

That sparked a fire and police were helpless, being pushed back by the flames.

���With their best efforts, they were unable to save his life, they would be suffering from having been involved in this incident,” Supt Fauser said.

Police and residents in the Port Adelaide area fear they are fighting a losing battle against hoon drivers following the man’s death.

Moorhouse Rd is reportedly used by hoon drivers almost every day.

Locals say hoon drivers ‘fishtail’ up the dirt road and perform ‘donuts’, even allegedly resorting to threatening behaviour to deter them from calling police.

Nearby businesses are at their wits end, saying the occasional police presence makes no difference to the hoons, and that it is time permanent safety measures like speed humps of bollards were put in place.

One long-time speed buff says it highlights the need for an Adelaide Speedway, with last night’s crash just metres from the proposed Gillman site.

“If they had a motorsport complex up and running, maybe we might have saved a life,” car enthusiast Kevin May said.

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