Chilling moment for Peppers' guitarist

The parents of Red Hot Chili Pepper' guitarist Josh Klinghoffer have been rescued from floods in north Queensland, while on holiday.

Chilling moment for Peppers' guitarist

Chilling moment for Peppers' guitarist

The band is currently in Australia, playing at Big Day Out events across the country, with the guitarist's parents tagging along to support their son.

The Klinghoffer's rental car became submerged while trying to cross a flooded causeway, according to the Cairns Post.

"Having gone through puddles before, I figured, 'if I just go slow I can get across'," Mr Klinghoffer said.

"The part I didn't know, which I learnt after, was that the road went deeper and deeper, a bit of a gully – what I considered a road, turned into a river.

"The car got totally submerged, we were right in the middle.

"We are very, very thankful to everybody and we learnt a lesson about the outback of Australia."

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