Premium fuel could be a waste of money

Premium fuel could be a waste of money

Premium fuel could be a waste of money

Car owners using premium unleaded could be wasting their money unless it is recommended by the manufacturer, South Australia's peak motoring body says.

On average, 95 or 98 Octane fuel costs up to 15 cents per litre more than regular unleaded, but sales of premium fuels have leapt in recent times.

“We have seen premium unleaded sales double in the last 10 years,” said Chris West from the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) of South Australia.

He said misconceptions are driving the premium fuel trend.

“Manufacturers recommend a certain blend of fuel in your car, if it’s 91 octane fuel, you should be using 91 octane fuel,” Mr West said.

“If you’re using higher blends, you’re probably wasting your money.”

With premium prices around 7pc higher than regular, he says drivers would need to gain at least 7pc in mileage for it to pay off.

That means a car that can go 600 kilometres on a tank on regular unleaded should get 642 kilometres off a tank of premium.

The RAA says the sums do not add up.

But many motorists are convinced premium fuel is a good deal, saying the extra money they spend on premium, they save on servicing.

“It’s definitely worth it,” one motorist told 7News today.

“It runs better, it picks up better, it just fires up better.”

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