The tiny apartment with a big price

Think rent in Australia can be extortionate? Count yourself lucky you do not live in Paris after reports emerged of a man who has reportedly been paying over $400 a month for 15 years for a place measuring just 1.58 square metres.

The tiny apartment with a big price

The apartment Photo: Fondation Abbe Pierre

The man, known as Dominique, is barely able to stand up straight in the tiny apartment and his plight came to prominence after he asked a housing advocacy group for help.

‘I come home, I go to bed,’ he told French news outlet RTL.

A photograph released by the housing group, Foundation Abbe Pierre, shows just how small the apartment is, with a slanted skylight and bare wooden floors.

It has also been claimed three different estate agencies had managed the property and the reported $420 rent has been claimed as proof of the excessive cost of renting in Paris.

News outlets in France report the door to the apartment has now been closed permanently and the owner of the apartment is facing a court date.

The minimum legal size of an apartment in Paris is nine square metres, reports Le Monde.