Facebook 'sex' picture goes viral

It started out as a joke – a Norwegian 20-year-old posting a picture on Facebook claiming a platonic friend had agreed to have sex with him if it gained one million likes.

Facebook 'sex' picture goes viral

Petter's Facebook picture

However, the picture quickly went viral, reaching the target in less than 24 hours.

Petter Kverneng, though, insists there is no chance of any romance between the pair.

The idea started when Petter and friend Cathrine Johansen were discussing a recent story where two young girls forced their dad to buy them a puppy by reaching one million Facebook likes.

However, Petter told Norwegian website www.verdalingen: “No, what people hoped would happen, did not happen. I met Catherine yesterday and we agreed that it started as a joke and that it also will end as a joke.”

Petter also admitted he regrets making the picture public and is now afraid of being associated with the image for the rest of his life; he has since made it available only for private 'likes'.

He has also received emails from religious groups criticizing the prank, although he has also been inundated with phonenumbers from girls.