Qld man chasing land speed record

A Logan man is out to prove he's built one of the fastest cars in the world - and he's done it in his backyard shed.

Qld man chasing land speed record

Qld man chasing land speed record

Trevor Slaughter will hit the Salt Lakes of South Australia next month in the first step towards claiming a world land speed record.

When it comes to moving what could be one of the fastest cars in the world, it's a slow job.

For more than six years, Ben Slaughter has helped his dad build this speed machine in a backyard shed at Logan.

"Finally getting there. I'm starting to think like a driver instead of a builder or an engineer," Mr Slaughter said.

In a delicate operation, the "beast", as his wife calls it, will be trucked to South Australia where Trevor will open it up on the salt lakes and try to smash the Australian record for a three litre engine.

After that, he'll try for the world land speed record for a wheel-driven car which was first set by British legend, Donald Campbell, in 1964.

The Englishman clocked 648 km/h - the current record is 746 km/h - Trevor wants to hit 800 km/h.

But to have a chance at setting a new world record there is even more work to be done. They won't quite give the car wings, but an engine from a Chinook helicopter.

To chase the Absolute Land Speed Record like Aussie Rosco McGlashan tried to do, Trevor would need rockets and jet propulsion.

But to Trevor, that's going too far - he's already spent nearly $1.5 million chasing the wheel-driven record.

One thing is for sure - they are on track - but even Trevor, a former drag racer, is a little nervous about how fast he'll need to go.

"We've got a lot of computers onboard that will be taking a lot of data, and from that data we will know if we are on target," Trevor said.

"I'd suggest it'd be pretty scary. I've driven a dragster at over 200 miles and hour an that was pretty - you know you are there."