Logan rioter sorry for actions

The man who was plastered across the front page of a News Limited newspaper on Wednesday, carrying a barbell as a weapon, has apologied for his behaviour.

Logan rioter sorry for actions

Logan rioter sorry for actions

Joesiah Briggs, 18, was involved in the race riots at Logan, south of Brisbane, and says the image did not reflect his character.

"That was me, but it's not me," he told the Courier Mail.

"I've been brought up from the day I was born to right now in a Christian home. I regret doing that and I'm sorry."

"I felt bad for my family, I felt bad for the (Tongan) boys' family because we know them. It's just not right.

"I'm sorry to the people that are living in the street that had to put up with it and the mothers and fathers that are worried about their children.

"I'm sorry to the mother and father of those boys."

Calm was restored to the neighbourhood on Tuesday night with Briggs' family packing up and moving to the Gold Coast - but not before members of both families embraced and prayed together during the reconciliation.

"We're willing to work together to make that happen," community leader Paul Butterworth said.

"This is not going to be a one-off thing. We want to keep this ongoing with the communities, with all the different groups."

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