Crash victim baffled by survival

Crash victim baffled by survival

Crash victim baffled by survival

A 16 year-old boy who lost 4 mates in a horror crash on the M-1 is slowly learning to walk again.

Thomas Bayer suffered severe burns to his legs and has told Seven News he has no idea how he survived.

His burns are healing but his pain is still very raw.

"All i remember is waking up, being by a guard rail on the side of the highway."

It's been five weeks since Thomas Bayer's car exploded on the M1 - it had broken down at Coomera.

He and four friends waited for help inside when the car was struck by a P-plate driver and burst into flames.

Somehow Thomas made it out alive.

'I don't know how I survived that... I dont remember right now anyway. Maybe in the long run," he said.

New parents Allan Sullivan and Natasha Maggs, Kody and Tiana Williams and the driver of the other car all died at the scene.

Thomas was rushed to hospital with horrific burns.

"First I didn't know why I was there. Then it all started getting memory back and I was like, oh," he recalled.

The Bayer family visited the burns unit every day, and night in shifts so Thomas was never alone.

Doctors took skin from Thomas' upper thigh to mend his burns - he's had surgery 4 times but is already walking again.

"I didn't think it would be this hard to walk again, but it was hard," he said.

Thomas was only able to return home from hospital. He missed the funerals of all four of his friends. Wednesday afternoon was his first chance to say goodbye.

The 16-year-old returned to the crash scene with close friends and flowers.

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