Connection between shootings, police say

Two shootings at unoccupied homes in suburban Adelaide overnight are connected, police believe.

A bullet hole in the Enfield house.

A bullet hole in the Enfield house.

Crime Gang Task Force detectives tasked to Operation Alpha are investigating the shootings and have revealed that more than one weapon was used in each attack.

In the first incident at about 2.30am, a house on Learmonth St at Enfield was shot at, with bullet holes found in the garage and front window of the premises.

Police say no one was in the home at the time.

A family who lives at the property say they were out praying when the early-morning attack happened.

The house was previously occupied by gangland identity Vince Focarelli, but police said while they will investigate every possible scenario, they don’t believe there is anything connecting him to the shooting.

In 2010, two men blew themselves up in a car just around the corner while attempting to plant a bomb at the house, and then the house was firebombed after Mr Focarelli and his family moved out.

In the second overnight shooting incident, shots were fired into a house at Seaton in Adelaide’s west at about 3.15am.

The same house was the target of another shooting on Sunday, where the gunman vowed to return, telling the occupants ‘I’ll be back’.

That home was unoccupied at the time on this morning’s attack, police say.

Police say there are similarities between the weapons used both of today’s early morning attacks.

“It is of concern there are people in our community that will resort to the use of firearms and violence in this manner,” Acting Detective Superintendent Kym Hand said.

“The investigation by South Australian Police in relation to the outlaw motorcycle gangs, on behalf of the community, is ongoing and will continue to be ongoing.”

Learmonth Tce cordoned off as police investigate the Enfield shooting. Photo: Matt Gerke, 7News.

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