School sex scandal document reappears

The school sex abuse scandal has taken another bad turn for the South Australian Government after a crucial document went missing, and then today reappeared.

School sex scandal document reappears

School sex scandal document reappears

Premier Jay Weatherill was Education Minister when a young student was raped by an after school carer in 2010.

In November last year, the Premier was asked in Parliament if he was given briefing notes about the incident when he visited the school months after the attack.

The Premier was quite specific, saying he was only told about school amalgamations, but the Opposition requested details of that briefing through Freedom Of Information.

It was told by the Department’s acting chief executive officer even that document did not exist.

“I don’t think it’s conceivable at all,” said Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni.

“So this raised more questions about the credibility of the government.”

A former senior government staffer has told 7News there is no way the minister would not have received a full briefing on such a serious issue, at the very least to protect department officials if something went wrong.

The Government took two weeks to deny the briefing document’s existence, yet only three hours to find it today after an inquiry from 7News.

It confirms the Premier’s claim he was not told about the attack.

The Government now says the document should have been provided when first sought.

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