Adelaide motorists still slowed by traffic

Congestion on roads into and out of Adelaide has not improved in the past decade, a motoring body says.

Adelaide motorists still slowed by traffic

Adelaide motorists still slowed by traffic

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) says its latest travel time report shows motorists are spending more time travelling into and out of the city than they did ten years ago.

Unley and Belair Rds were the worst of the major roads surveyed.

“The average speed between Eynesbury Avenue and Cross Road on Belair Road was just 9km/h during the morning peak period, making it one of the slowest sections of road that the RAA surveyed,” said Mark Borlace from the RAA.

“You can end up spending 24 hours, or three working days more, just sitting in traffic each year.”

The RAA is recommending a complete review of the Inner City Ring Route

“In the past 12 months we’ve seen bus lanes installed in Adelaide’s CBD, but still no sign of a plan for the entire city in regards to traffic movement,” Mr Borlace said.

“We want to see a state-wide transport plan that will address not only the congestion issues faced by Adelaide residents, but road maintenance across the state.”

“As part of the holistic review of the Inner City Ring Route, we’d like to see additional travel lanes added to Greenhill Road to manage the extra vehicles using this route and a review of the hours of operation for the clearways.”

The Transport Department says it is continually monitoring the problem by managing traffic at its Norwood control centre.

“There’s over 30,000 vehicles using Belair Rd a day, and well over that using Cross Rd, we’ve got to get those sorts of volumes through one intersection,” said Paul Gelston from the Transport Department.

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