Bikie links to missing Rachael

The car belonging to a missing Adelaide woman was used in a bikie-related murder last year, police say.

Development in search for missing Adelaide woman

Development in search for missing Adelaide woman

Rachael Moritz has been missing since just before Christmas although the 20-year-old may have contacted her father briefly by phone on New Year's Day.

Police said on Thursday they believed the woman's Mazda sedan was used in the shooting of Jason De Ieso in November.

The car was later found burnt-out at Kangarilla, south of Adelaide.

"The car was reported stolen and police are confident that Ms Moritz was not present at the murder scene," police said in a statement.

Mr De Ieso, 33, was shot dead when a group of men walked into his Adelaide paint and panel shop armed with guns and fired several times.

Police rejected suggestions it was an "execution-style" killing but said it was directly linked to the feud between the Hells Angels and the Finks bikie gangs.

Mr De Ieso had limited links to the Finks.

In the search for Ms Moritz, police said they now had information that suggested she was currently interstate after an unconfirmed report put her at Adelaide Airport on December 23 in the company of a middle-aged woman.

They have urged the caller to contact Crime Stoppers who made the sighting and the woman at the airport to come forward and have also renewed please for Ms Moritz to make contact.

Rachael's mother Corinna Smith released a statement yesterday saying she believes Rachael's alleged telephone call might not even exist.

The statement said: "A family member that has NOT been involved in the search for Rachael at all, claims a phone call was possibly made by Rachael saying she was fine.

"However, that family member isn't sure it was Rachael, other family members are also unsure whether that phone call took place; the phone call was allegedly so short that we understand there was no opportunity for interaction which may mean that what was said was tape recorded."

They also believe that Rachael might have been under duress making the call, "as the details of the alleged call make it apparent she was in no way her normal self."

Rachael disappeared 10 days ago after her father dropped her off at an address at Greenacres, in Adelaide’s north east.

Her mother, two sisters and her father have all made emotional pleas for her safe return.

Mr Moritz told 7News he will not believe the call was from his daughter until he sees her in the flesh, and until then, he will keep up the search.

Ms Moritz is still classified as a missing person and police are appealing for her to make contact.

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