University student wins stalking order against own parents

University student wins stalking order against own parents

Aubrey Ireland. Photo: Twitter

A university student has successfully won a stalking order against her own parents, who installed software to monitor her computer and telephone.

Aubrey Ireland, 21, who studies music at the University of Cincinnati, complained that her parents, David and Julie, would regularly drive around 800km from their home and turn up unannounced, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

She also accused them of telling her head of department she was suffering from mental issues and accused her of promiscuity.

And the parents tried to track Miss Ireland’s every move after installing software which tracked every keystroke on her computer and every call made on her mobile.

The situation became so bad the University hired security guards and when the parents refused to pay their daughter’s tuition fees, the school gave her a full scholarship.

A court found in favour of Miss Ireland and ordered her parents to stay at least 500ft away from her and have no contact until September 2013.

Miss Ireland told the court: "It's just been really embarrassing and upsetting to have my parents come to my university when I'm a grown adult and just basically slander my name and follow me around."

Her parents admitted installing the software but insisted they were just trying to protect her.

Julie Ireland told the court: "She's an only child who was catered to all her life by loving parents. We're not bothering her. We're not a problem."

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