Just like Doomsday: Bushfire witnesses

A 14-year-old boy will spend Christmas in jail after he was charged with lighting yesterday's bushfire at Airds, near Campbelltown.

It was like Doomsday: Bushfire witnesses

It was like Doomsday: Bushfire witnesses

The teenager's 11-year-old co-accused was set free, even though he was on probation for another offence.

The 11-year-old looks even younger and was already on a bond for break and enter.

Despite that, the year five student walked from Campbelltown Children's Court on bail, accused of lighting a bushfire that nearly burned down a neighbourhood.

At least his mother turned up to court. His co-accused, just 14, had nobody, and didn't apply for bail, choosing Christmas over Christmas with his family.

The residents of Wallinga Avenue, Airds, are just happy they can spend Christmas at home. They said yesterday’s emergency fire warning was terrifying.

"Pretty scary because if the fire brigade didn't come two minutes later, our house would have been gone," local resident Vanessa Siitia said.

Fire brigades extinguished the flames metres from their homes.

"Before you know it, it was jumping forward. It was just like Doomsday," resident Jodie Davis said.

Daniel Davis said the flames were travelling incredibly fast, almost as fast as the door slammed in our faces when we wanted to speak to parents of the accused.

The parents of three brothers, allegedly seen with the accused when the fire broke out weren't opening up either.

"Get away from my house," a woman inside screamed.

"I'll ring the f****ng coppers! Get away from my house now!"

Police wouldn't need directions to find the area either, with fires in Campbelltown quadrupaling in the last year. Crews have already battle more than 40 blazes since the start of September.

One of the boys was released from juvenile detention only last week and we understand it's not the first time he's alleged to have lit a fire, either.

While witnesses saw a group of boys running from this area, what police really need are witnesses who saw them light the fire.

Anymore with information is being urged to contact Crimestoppers on 1800333000.

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