Model faces court over alleged drug trafficking

According to her website, model, makeup artist and dancer Krystle Hill ‘works from her soul’ and 'can see beauty in almost everything'.

Model faces court over alleged drug trafficking

Krystle Hill

However beauty was not on her mind yesterday as the 27-year-old faced court charged with being a drugs mule.

The court heard she was working as a waitress at a Five Dock hotel in 2009 when she and another woman were approached by two men, including a Customs officer. They were allegedly offered $10,000 to go to Thailand and bring drugs back in their luggage.

The Customs officer allegedly told the women that their bags wouldn’t be searched on their arrival in Sydney.

He also allegedly told them "not to get too dressed up" as they would draw "too much attention".

The court heard that the Customs officer, who later became Hill’s boyfriend, was arrested on Monday.

Ms Hill was arrested on Monday night at her grandmother’s Adelaide home and was extradited to Sydney.

In another twist, Sydney identity Jim Byrnes was present in court and attempted to post $20,000 bail to secure Ms Hill’s release.

She was reportedly once an employee of Byrnes’ company Philippine Limousines.

However Byrnes’ criminal history meant he wasn’t considered to be an acceptable person to provide surety and another friend of Ms Hill ended up posting the bail.

The case was adjourned to February 27, with Ms Hill saying she’ll “definitely be fighting the charges."

Krystle Hill leaving court with a friend.

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