Road rage attacker hands himself in

The accused road rage attacker, caught on a dashboard camera smashing the windscreen of a former police officer has handed himself in, while another alleged victim has come forward.

Road rage attacker hands himself in

Road rage attacker hands himself in

A camera in former police officer Ken Olsen’s car recorded what happened as the 21-year-old driver in a black ute came into shot, crossing double white lines.

Ken Olsen said it started innocently enough while he was taking a weekend drive south of Brisbane and he merged into another lane, then he says he was rear-ended by the black ute.

"At that stage he just appeared to be coming up beside me so he could scream through the open passenger window," Olsen told Today Tonight.

The driver of a black ute gestures to Ken Olsen as he crosses white lines south of Brisbane. Photo: Today Tonight

Olsen kept going and the ute appeared again, this time on the inside lane.

"He was going berserk at me again, so I thought 'I'm not going to pull over for this bloke because he seems a little bit unbalanced'," Olsen said.

Moments later, there was nothing Olsen could do to avoid the ute.

"He's gone onto grass verge, pulled over straight in front of me, and then immediately applied his brakes. I had nowhere to go and went straight into the back of him," Olsen recalled.

"He then jumped out of passenger door, came right up to vehicle, and I thought 'he's not coming to talk, he means business'."

The driver gets out of his ute and storms towards Ken Owen's four-wheel-drive. Photo: Today Tonight

On the footage you can hear the sound of the man punching Olsen's window as he drives off.

"I realised that he just didn't want to stop and exchange details, he had something against me, but I still thought I might be able to drive down the road a little bit and he'll cool down," Olsen said.

But things were about to heat up even more as the chase continued along the wrong side of the road, and then off-road. Catching up, the driver rammed Olsen's vehicle as the road rules went out the window once again.

"I had to go onto the footpath, got onto the footpath, and went over traffic islands with him in pursuit. I got around a traffic island, then he crunched into the side of me, so I had to go onto another footpath to get away from him," Olsen said.

"Thankfully no people were using it. Normally on weekends people are walking their dogs, pushing prams, cycling." he added.

Trying to escape, Olsen narrowly missed another car as he was forced to run a red light. He kept driving and kept his nerve while calling triple-zero.

The driver then came at him again and although the operator told Olsen to head toward a police station, he was unable to do so.

A woman sitting in the passenger seat also gestures to Ken Olsen, as the driver of the ute dangerously swerves into Olsen's four-wheel-drive. Photo: Today Tonight

"I can't. He keeps cutting in front of me and cutting me off," Olsen told the operator.

He says the driver continuously collided with him, trying to push him off the road and pulling in front of him. Olsen says he knew he couldn't stop.

"He'd crashed into my vehicle so many times I was convinced it was going to stop going, and I thought once my vehicle is not going, I have no protection, this bloke is going to kill me," Olsen said.

A young woman was seen in the passenger seat of the vehicle. "She was gesturing out the window and waving her arms around and screaming," Olsen said.

Panic sets in for Ken Owen as he sees the man pursuing him race towards his four-wheel-drive. Photo: Today Tonight

As the minutes passed he relayed vital information to the police operator - his running commentary including the impact the pursuit was having on other drivers.

The chase continued and was about to reach a dramatic climax - the moment Olsen thought he was going to die. The driver jumped on his bonnet, frantically smashing the windscreen before he fell off.

Ken Olsen sits inside his car in fear as another motorist scales his bonnet and smashes the windscreen. Photo: Today Tonight

The police operator advised Olsen to keep driving and not to go back. But the madness was far from over.

Olsen still didn't know if he was out of danger, even though the man appeared to be hurt, so having been rammed at least seven times and barely able to see though the windscreen, he continued driving to the nearest police station.

The damage to Ken Olsen's car following a shocking road rage attack he caught on his dashboard camera. Photo: Today Tonight

Olsen says his car "was making clouds of smoke" when he got to police station. "I've never been happier to be somewhere," he said.

The ex-officer investigated several road rage incidents during his years in the force, but said he never imagined being involved in one so violent.

"This has shaken me. It's something that you don't expect and it's something that's very difficult to deal with. How do you deal with somebody trying to, what I think, trying to kill you on the road? I'm struggling," Olsen said.

Today another alleged victim came forward, saying she and her daughter were by approached by the same driver of the same car on Sept 29th.

The woman said she contacted police, and will be contacting them again.

Officers say the black ute isn't registered to the 21-year-old accused, but a family-run business.

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