New laws to pull down bikie clubhouses

New laws to pull down bikie clubhouses

New laws to pull down bikie clubhouses

FIRST ON 7: Victoria's crackdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs is about to be dramatically stepped up with plans to allow police to demolish bikie clubhouses.

Under tough new laws, police will be allowed to partially demolish bikie clubhouses if they think crimes are being committed within the premises.

Steel bollards, fortified roller doors, steel gates and concrete walls allow motorcycle gangs to protect themselves from attacks by rival gangs and delay police raids so evidence of crime can be moved or destroyed.

New anti fortification laws, which motorcycle clubs have signalled they'll challenge in court, will enable police to order the gangs to pull down these fortifications - or have them removed by force.

Police are hoping these laws will stop outlaw gangs operating in the open and send a very clear message that they have nowhere to hide in Victoria.

But the Victorian Government and police force have acknowledged it won't be an easy task, with more than 50 clubhouses clustered around Melbourne and dotted across Victoria.

The new measures, which come as other states put together their own anti-gang laws in place, complement the Victorian Government's initial bikie legislation that enables criminal gangs to be declared illegal.

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