Mop used to bash newsagency thief

FIRST ON 7: Security cameras have captured a Gold Coast business owner using a mop to attack a thief armed with a hammer.

CCTV footage shows the balaclava-clad criminal smashing through the glass door of the Palm Beach newsagency just after 2am on Sunday morning.

Once inside, he begins grabbing cash from the register – but only 30 seconds after breaking in, he is attacked himself.

Store owner Tim Fitch rammed the intruder with a mop handle.

“I never said anything, I just hit him,” Mr Fitch told 7News.

Mr Fitch faces off with the robber, who is armed with a hammer, before striking again with the mop handle, sending the thief scampering away.

Interestingly, Mr Fitch is no stranger to violent crime - he was held up at gunpoint during a robbery at the same store in 2007.

While the robber is still on the run, Queensland Police say fighting back was the wrong choice.

“Whilst I admire the bravado of the gentleman in this case, I’d much rather be investigating a burglary than a serious assault, or even worse, a murder,” a detective said.