FIRST ON 7: Dangerous child care centres

A 7News investigation has uncovered the dozens of accidents injuring children at daycare centres across the state every day.

FIRST ON 7: Dangerous day care centres

FIRST ON 7: Dangerous day care centres

Documents obtained by 7News show more than 300 children were injured in New South Wales daycare in just three months from April to July.

The most, 92, were caused by trips and slips, 90 children were hurt in falls, and 57 were injured hitting or bumping into objects.

The incidents range from the minor; like a pea or pebble stuck up a child's nose, to the serious; broken bones and concussions.

The Education Department says the injuries are typical for a young, developing child.

Most of the incidents are bumps and bruises, and the kids of injuries that can happen to a child everywhere, including at home, Ruth Callaghan from the Department said.

But the cases include a baby rolling off a change table, children choking, and one nearly losing a finger in a door jamb.

Melinda Ayre's two-year-old son was hurt at daycare and she was mad.

"He had these injuries on his back, we weren't sure what they were, but they were quite big circles, bruised, red, raised marks, and I think they were severe bite marks."

"It's a terrible feeling to drop off your child, and I decided that it was the best thing for him, he'd get some social skills, meet other children," she said.

Check out the full list of childcare accidents here.

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