Nippers hailed heroes after Avoca Beach tragedy

Three Nippers are being hailed heroes after coming to the rescue of two women, who were swept off rocks at Avoca Beach.

Nippers hailed heroes after Avoca Beach tragedy

Nippers hailed heroes after Avoca Beach tragedy

The teenagers were out in the water training when a kayaker raised the alarm, but despite their best efforts one woman couldn't be saved.

The 13-year-olds have 15 years life saving experience between them, and yesterday they were put to the test, big time.

"We were very grateful for all that training, because without that we probably wouldn't have been able to do what we done," nipper Beau Jeffries said.

"Yeah I think we are doing a good thing, helping people around the beaches, yeah it's a good feeling to do it," nipper Will said.

Declan, Beau and will were on their boards off Avoca when a kayaker called them to help.

More than a kilometre away, two women had been swept off a rock shelf, and had been battling dangerous seas for 20 minutes.

"We basically just sprinted around the rock as fast as we could," Beau said.

The boys helped load the women on jetskis, and bring them to shore. Declan admits he's not a big kid, but he found the strength.

"Considering how big they were like she was on the jetski unconscious so I just had to grip on to the sled as hard as I could, and tighten her to the sled," Declan said.

A 27-year-old woman from Bankstown died on Avoca beach, and her 25-year-old friend from Casula was flown to hospital, where she remains in a stable condition.

Lifesavers don't know why the two women were sunbaking so far from a patrolled beach but they say the message this summer is simple.

No matter what your level of experience stay close to help.

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