Deadly children's Christmas toys

Rubber duckies, remote controlled helicopters and plastic guns are among a long list of toys labelled too dangerous for children this Christmas.

Deadly children's Christmas toys

Deadly children's Christmas toys

Fair Trading has pulled more than 160 products from store shelves, over fears the toys will put young lives at risk.

Most kids would love to wake up on Christmas morning to see these particular toys under their tree, but if they did, they might not live to see New Year's Eve.

Toys were seized by Fair Trading in pre-Christmas raids on more than 1000 outlets.

"Hitting the suppliers of these toys is one way that we can effectively use our resources to combat these toys getting into the marketplace," Fair Trading’s Rob Vellar said.

Some toys are obviously dangerous. Then there's the rampant rattle, and killer rubber duckies which both seem harmless, but with detachable parts that could easily choke a child.

"I should really look at safety but we don't because we just assume they've been tested," one shopper said.

With Christmas just around the corner, concerned parents are urged to use a little common sense, and buy from major retailers.

To check if you've bought a dangerous toy check Fair Trading's Christmas product safety survey.