Man wins $8.8m in online bingo from 50 cent punt

A dad-of-four has landed an unexpected massive Christmas bonus after scooping an amazing $8.8 million win with just a 50 cent punt.

Man wins $8.8m in online bingo from 50 cent punt

John and Linda Orchard. Photo:

John Orchard, 60, of Lincolnshire in England, won the amazing amount in what is the biggest-ever online bingo scoop ever, reports The Sun newspaper.

Orchard has already started making plans on how he is going to spend his new-found fortune, but he has already splashed out on a new Jaguar supercar.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I was going to get my daughter an iPad for Christmas. Now I can buy her a new house.

“This will change my life completely and Christmas is going to be a blinder this year. And all from a 30p spin!"

Mr Orchard only started playing on the site for the first time last week and made the bet on Sunday morning while playing a ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ style bingo game.

The massive pot came about as the jackpot gradually increased as gamblers from around the world joined in before Mr Orchard scooped the lot.

However, Mr Orchard, who only resigned from his job as a Jobcentre worker yesterday, revealed when the internet gambling firm phoned to confirm the win, he made them speak to his wife Linda as she thought it was a ‘wind-up’.

Ian O’Farrell, head of promotions at, said: “We are thrilled to be a record-breaker and pay out the biggest online bingo win ever.”

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