Escaped monkey stuns shoppers

Shoppers were left stunned when a monkey was found wandering around an Ikea car park wearing a miniature shearling coat and diapers.

Escaped monkey stuns shoppers

Escaped monkey stuns shoppers

The monkey had been placed in a crate in its owner’s car when it escaped and began wandering around the Ikea car-park in Toronto, Canada, screaming out loudly, reported the CBC.

Police later dubbed the animal, a seven-month-old Rhesus Macaque, 'a smart monkey'. Pictures of the amimal soon went viral on social media sites.

Shopper Stephanie Yim witnessed the bizarre event and described it as 'the weirdest thing'.

“It would start ‘monkey-screaming’. It seemed like it was screaming for someone (it) knew,” Yim told CBC. “It was sad,” she added.

Shoppers then contacted IKEA staff who contained the monkey until animal services arrived to assess the situation.

They eventually reunited the monkey with its owner, who had been shopping in the store at the time.

It is illegal to house monkeys as pets in Toronto and its owner was reportedly fined $240 for being in possession of a ‘prohibited animal’.