Molly Meldrum 'better than ever'

Molly Meldrum 'better than ever'

Molly Meldrum 'better than ever'

Molly Meldrum says he has been given the all-clear, and is feeling better than ever, a year after he was almost killed when he fell from a ladder at his Melbourne home.

In an exclusive interview, the music industry legend spoke to Jennifer Keyte about his journey, and recovery, which doctors have described as 'remarkable'.

Meldrum, 66, was putting up decorations for his annual Christmas party when he fell three metres at his Richmond home on December 15, last year.

He fractured his skull, broke his spine and ribs, punctured his lung, damaged his shoulder and sustained bruising to his brain.

He spent five weeks at Melbourne's Alfred hospital before being transferred to the Epworth Rehabilitation hospital.

He had post-traumatic amnesia, with symptoms including short-term memory loss and disorientation.

"I thought I'm never going to get better, but it's incredible," Molly said.

"I'm doing really well, really well."

Molly was found by his gardener, Joe, next to his swimming pool, but remembers very little of the accident which almost killed him.

Doctors who treated Molly following the horror accident say it is remarkable to see him doing so well.

His neurosurgeon Jeffrey Rosenfield says he is stunned by Molly's resilience.

"It's just remarkable that he's made such a good recovery in such a short time," he said.

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Wearing his tradesmen stetson hat and with beloved dog Ziggy by his side, Molly insists he has made a full recovery.

"I'm looking better than I ever have, I feel better than I ever have. I'm fitter than I ever have been. I'm feeling good," he said.

This Christmas Molly plans to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground.

"The only ladder that is in this house that I look at is in 2013 of where St Kilda is on the ladder and where Storm is on the ladder, that's the only ladder I'm interested in," he said.

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