NSW teenager dies after taking LSD

A 15-year-old teenager on the NSW Central Coast has died after taking LSD.

NSW teenager dies after taking LSD

NSW teenager dies after taking LSD

Gosford High School student Nick Mitchell was found dead in his bedroom on Saturday night.

News Limited reports the boy experimented with the drug with a friend.

Nick suffered from respiratory problems and heart complications and couldn’t be revived after being found by his 11-year-old brother.

Police say the bedroom where the boy was found was 'smashed up’.

His friend ran naked into traffic after the drug made him act psychotic, and he was hit by a car.

He is currently fighting for life in hospital.

Paul Dillon from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia told News Limited that LSD was having a resurgence in popularity.

The drug is much cheaper and lasts longer than other drugs but according to Dr Ginni Mansfield, “it raises the blood pressure, we know that it brings the heart rate up. It has potentially devastating consequences.”

She reiterated that it’s a very important and timely reminder to not try drugs like this as it can be lethal.

There are fears that there might be a toxic batch of LSD circulating after police reported other incidents of people suffering serious side effects.

Classmates in Nick’s year 9 class at Gosford High School are receiving counselling.