Terror book posted on Sydney site

Terror book posted on Sydney site

Terror book posted on Sydney site

Sydney police are investigating a Muslim youth website which posted the text of a book banned for inciting terrorism.

It was written by a close friend of Osama bin Laden and police want to know who put it online.

The Muslim group aims to educate youth, with writings by the man who taught Osama bin Laden about violent jihad, or ‘holy war’.

The book ‘Join The Caravan’ by Abdullah Yusuf Azzam is banned in Australia for inciting terrorism, but 7News found it, in full, on the website's forum.

New South Wales Police Minister Mike Gallecher said an investigation into the publication of the book has been mounted.

” This publication and publications like it do encourage terrorism. There's no doubt they are taking this seriously."

The text remained for nine months, until 7News contacted site management.

"We are concerned that this posting has been made and has not been noticed by our moderator," sydneymuslimyouth.com replied.

The book includes a rallying call for Muslim youths to join the jihad.

Some say the writings themselves don't pose a threat. After all, they're only words.

The Sydney Muslim Youth website. Photo: 7News

Civil libertarians believe the real issue is government censorship and whether authorities have the right to decide what we're allowed to read.

“Allow adults to read see, and hear what they want and where there are bad ideas out there, deal with those bad ideas,” Stephen Blanks from the New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties said.

Police will continue to monitor the site.

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