Cat has rare sex change surgery

A sick cat has been given a new lease of life after a rare sex change operation.

Eight-year-old Domino became a female after successful 'sex reassignment' surgery, the Berwick Leader reports.

Vets say the black and white feline was suffering from a blocked bladder, which became impossible to treat.

Narre Warren veterinarian Bob Cavey told the newspaper: "Males are particularly prone to this problem.

"We treated Domino eight times, but the last time it couldn't be unblocked.

"The only option was to change him to a she or he would die."

Mr Cavey said Domino's two-hour gender-change surgery, which involved reconstructing the urethra, was a success and she is a much happier cat as a result.

It is the first gender-change surgery on an animal in 15 years.

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