Lucky escape as wind rips roof loose

Several people, including children, narrowly missed being hit by a shop roof that was ripped loose by a gust of wind in western Sydney this afternoon.

Children narrowly escape flying roof

Children narrowly escape flying roof

The metal roof, which was about 10x4m, was pulled loose and was blown right across Guildford Road.

The drama was caught on security video, which shows two children sitting outside a shop, when they run for cover.

One parked car had just moved off, but a second was hit.

Geoff McAllister from New South Wales Fire and Rescue says it’s incredibly lucky no one was killed.

“It's a busy time of day in the middle of Guildford. It landed across the road on top of a car; fortunately there was no-one underneath."

The roof came from a mini-mall, across the road. It was dragged into the middle of the street to be cut up by firemen, and carted away.

Building inspectors are investigating just how the awning came loose.

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