SHOCKING: Xmas tree sparks blaze

SHOCKING: Xmas tree sparks blaze

SHOCKING: Xmas tree sparks blaze

Fire crews have shown just how quickly faulty Christmas decorations can send your home up in flames.

Cheap lights that don't meet Australian standards and overloaded old power boards pose the biggest dangers.

The fire brigade fears an influx of cheap Christmas lights could make their demonstration a tragic reality.

Fire and Rescue Assistant Commissioner Jim Smith says the message is simple, simple message; if in doubt, throw it out.

"Make sure that the cord’s not frayed, make sure the plug's correct, make sure it complies with Australians standards.”

Fair Trading inspectors have spoken to retailers like the Reject shop about removing items from sale.

While firefighters say it takes a natural Christmas tree just seconds to be fully engulfed.

"All items, including the carpets, paint on the wall, the ceilings, the fittings reach very quickly to an ignition temperature," New South Wales Fair Trading’s Rob Vellar said.

Just three minutes into the fire demonstration, and lives would have been lost.

There would be no going back and the biggest danger would have come from toxic smoke, generated by the chemicals in modern furniture.

"They're full of cyanides - they're great they're comfortable they're durable but when they catch on fire we have a volatile cocktail,” Rob Vellar said.

So far Fair Trading has seized 77 dangerous Christmas goods from 106 retailers and market traders.

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