AWU fraudster’s sister goes public

AWU fraudster’s sister goes public

AWU fraudster’s sister goes public

FIRST ON 7NEWS: Pennelope Lennon is the sister of Ralph Blewitt, the self-confessed fraudster at the centre of the AWU slush fund affair, but she wishes she wasn't.

She has spoken exclusively to 7News, warning of dark secrets in the past, and says she wants the public to know the truth.

PENNELOPE LENNON: I hate Ralph Blewitt and if the people out there know what he's done they wouldn't be backing him.

MARK RILEY: You've spoken to the police about these matters?

LENNON: I have.

RILEY: We can't broadcast the allegations, but Mrs Lennon cautions politicians against trusting her brother.

LENNON: I don’t hold political favours or favourites to either side. This man is out to destroy lives. I know he's already bloody destroyed mine.

RILEY: Pennelope says she's got nothing to gain by going public, but felt compelled to after seeing her brother on television.

LENNON: He's an imbecile, he's an idiot, and he's a scumbag!

RILEY: This is your brother you're talking about?

LENNON: I hate him.

RILEY: Hate is a really strong word.

LENNON: I'm 60-years-old and I'm still suffering because of what he did to me. I was a young girl.

Pennelope is the young girl in this photo, Ralph Blewitt is on the right in the uniform. Photo: 7News

"I was made to be in that photo. I think you can see from the look on my face I didn't want to be near him."

RILEY: You’re not doing this for money, you’re not doing it for exposure, so why are you doing it?

LENNON: Because he couldn’t be punished for what he did to me when I was younger.]

He needs to be punished for what he’s doing now, for what he did to the AWU, for what he did with all those worker’s money that they paid him, the companies that he defrauded.

That would give me satisfaction in my life, if he were now to be charged with fraud, and some sort of imprisonment, and that’s all I want out of this.

RILEY: Ralph Blewitt has flown back to Malaysia. The man who financed his trip to Canberra, researcher Harry Nowicki, said today that Ms Lennon was just ‘attacking his mate’s character’.

He pointed out that Mrs Lennon hasn’t spoken to her brother since their father died 19 years ago.

Pennelope Lennon says there's a good reason for that, and now hopes other family members will come forward with their stories.

LENNON: He's openly admitted to fraud. Now come on Ralph, openly admit to what you did to your sister all those years ago.

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