Wounded Sapper welcomes home his mates

A young Brisbane soldier who lost his legs in a blast in Afghanistan has welcomed home the mates who saved his life.

Soldier welcomes home his mates

Soldier welcomes home his mates

Curtis McGrath, 24, got his new prosthetic legs only days ago to make sure he could stand to attention and welcome the diggers home.

The last time he saw these men he was fighting for his life in Afghanistan.

The last time they saw him, they weren’t sure he’d pull through.

Three months on and they are finally reuniting with Curtis getting a chance to say thanks to those mates who saved his life.

Intense pictures of the moment he became injured were filmed from his helmet camera in August.

“I sat up, a bit on my elbows…and my legs were gone,” he said.

He’s been in hospital ever since – desperately trying to rush hi rehabilitation.

His goal – to be out of the wheelchair by the time his mates got back.

“It’s been a long road – and I’m glad this phase is done.”

The explosion that took his legs captured from his helmet cam.

Just days ago he was fitted with prosthetic legs so he could stand to attention, and be proud to welcome his unit home.

His fellow soldiers were struck with how far he had come and couldn’t believe he was walking already.

“Sapper McGrath had also wanted to salute his mates as they filed off the plane here, he told me though he couldn’t quite get the balance to do that, standing was hard enough.

“This young soldier’s lost a lot, but not his courage.”

His mother, Kim McGrath couldn’t be prouder of her son.

Curtis McGrath as he welcomes home his fellow soldiers.

“It gave me goose-bumps, so good to have him home with everyone else, I think he feels whole now – even though he’s not,” she said.

He may have lost his legs but his brothers in arms made sure he didn’t lose his life as well.