Beer bong catalogue ad sparks outrage

Beer bong catalogue ad sparks outrage

Beer bong catalogue ad sparks outrage

A Christmas catalogue promoting the sale of so-called beer bongs alongside children's toys has sparked outrage.

The $50 'Bongzilla' appears in the Cheap As Chips catalogue as the 'ultimate party fixture' and critics say it encourages binge drinking.

The device, used for drinking games, features six funnels to allow numerous people to guzzle the contents of the vessel at the same time.

Geoff Munro, of the Australian Drug Foundation, told Seven News: "It's very irresponsible for any commercial company to produce this sort of product that is designed to get people very drunk very fast."

Parents are equally astounded by the product and the catalogue's 'irresponsible' promotion.

"It's advertised on a catalogue with toys on the front for kids," one shocked parent told Seven News. "Kids like looking through catalogues so they can work out what they want from Santa.

"I wouldn't want my children looking at that sort of thing."

The Cheap As Chips advertisement reminds people to drink responsibly, and suggests the bucket be filled with water or cordial.

But in contrast, the product suggests filling it with a twelve pack of beer, and having a 'chugging contest'.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu slammed the product.

"How stupid could anyone be to produce such a product, then to market such a product. It astounds me," he said.

The Government will demand the product be immediately removed from stores - the company refused to comment.