Breast implants saved my life, woman tells court

A woman who was shot by her ex-boyfriend claims she is only still alive because her breast implants.

Eileen Likness, of Calgary in Canada, was testifying during her ex-boyfriend’s trial and told the court: “My implants took the brunt of the force.”

Ms Likness says a bullet fired from defendant Frank Chora’s 9mm handgun entered her right breast, grazed her chest plate and then exited her left breast before going through her left forearm, reports the Toronto Sun.

"They were gone," Ms Likness told defence lawyer Adriano Iovinell.

However, after recovering, she did confirm she got the implants replaced, adding: “I had to wait some time, but yes, I had some put back in.”

Mr Chora is facing charges of attempted murder and assault, as well as two firearm offences.

Ms Likeness told court said she had been driving Mr Chora around before deciding to drop him off. When they pulled into a side-street at Mr Chora’s request, he got out and then shot her. The case continues.

It is not the first time breast implants are claimed to have saved somebody’s life.

Back in January it was widely reported that a woman in Houston claimed her 16-KKK (US size 38KKK) implants protected her as they acted like an airbag when she crashed into a tree.

“My breasts stopped my face and my head being hit. I am so thankful for them,” Sheyla Hershey said. "I think my breasts saved my life”.

The Daily Mail reported that in the same month a Florida woman survived a stabbing when an ex-fiance’s new partner stabbed her, but the implants ensured she avoided major damage.

And three years ago a woman was working in a dentist’s surgery in Beverly Hills in America when a man burst in with a shotgun and opened fire, but her implants prevented her heart being pierced with bullets.